About us

Highlt specialised expertise

OC-system Oy specialises in wire mesh partitions, acoustic walls, and other partitions and enclosures. Working in close cooperation with our customers, we design and create safer and more comfortable working environments for them. Our customers value our top-notch expertise, continuous product development efforts and timely deliveries. All our products are compliant with applicable laws and regulations. As our customer, you will receive solutions that make the best sense for your business – delivered cost-effectively with expert service.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries. We are happy to help you with any project!

Our sound insulation and partition solutions are currently used by the following:

  • Paper industry
  • Steel industry
  • Construction
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical engineering and automation
  • Building element industry
  • Energy production
  • Hospitals
  • Military
  • Retail and services (e.g. automotive retail industry)
  • Printers

Our products improve the following aspects of machinery, equipment and the working environment:

  • Mechanical protection
  • Sound insulation
  • Comfort and job satisfaction
  • Work safety

Advantes of our acoustic and partitioning solutions to customers:

  • Easy to implement
  • Cost-effective solutions with transparent pricing
  • Reusable
  • Aesthetically pleasing design, use of company colours
  • Compliance with regulations and directives
  • Fast delivery

Company history

In the autumn of 1992, OC-system was established in the idyllic municipality of Joroinen, Finland, which had good transport connections. Through our special expertise, skilful staff and high-quality products, we have gained an established place in the Finnish market.

1990OC-System Oy’s business idea was born at the Finnish metal component manufacturer Rautaruukki’s factory in Hämeenlinna in the early 1990’s. The factory asked its employees to suggest new uses for steel products. Those with the most promising ideas were encouraged to start their own business. OC-System’s current CEO, Pauli Räisänen, came up with the idea of reusable, easy-to-install steel panel enclosures and canopies for construction sites.
1992The idea received Rautaruukki’s approval and Pauli drafted his business plan with Rautaruukki’s support. The first prototypes were manufactured in Hämeenlinna. Based on the prototypes, OC-System started its own manufacturing business in Joroinen in two industrial buildings that were available due to the bankruptcy by the previous tenant. Two other former Rautaruukki employees joined OC-System.
1996In the beginning, OC-System had 5 employees and an ABB welding robot. In addition to steel panel enclosures, we also manufactured boom barriers.
1998With the new millennium just around the corner, OC-System focussed more and more on panels used for noise control, soundproof rooms and machinery enclosures. This proved to be the right move. In 1998, we built an additional 800 m² production facility.
2000The start of the millennium was characterised by rapid growth and bold investments. In 2000, OC-System purchased the Finnish noise control company, Oy Meluntorjunta AB, that had pioneered the field. We also built a new warehouse for aluminium products and hired an industrial designer to help with product development and design.
2005In 2005, our R&D team finished their massive undertaking and OC-System introduced the results of their three-year R&D efforts: the OC-10 acoustic wall panel. OC-10 combined the key requirements set for acoustic walls, and it has been popular since it entered the market. We have already sold thousands of square metres of these panels at home and abroad, e.g. in the US, Russia and Poland.
2008Demand continues to grow, the highest turnover to date.
2014The project of the border guard premises of The Finnish Border Guard’s eastern border was completed.
2015The powder coating line was redesigned to be more continuous and efficient,
the net wire mesh partition production Lean development project.
2016A large export project, which was built in Sweden as a total delivery of two control rooms, the Kotkamills board machine three control rooms and office space.
2015Investment in a new aluminum saw and developed a sales configurator that makes it easier and faster bid calculation, sketching and design.
Riku Räisänen started as the new CEO.
TodayToday OC-System is a recognised supplier of partitions, enclosures and acoustic wall systems for various industries. We export our products to European countries, the US and China. Our revenue has grown from the first years’ 500,000 Finnish marks to EUR 3,5 million. We now employ over 30 professionals.