Manufacturing industry

Valmet Technologies, Jyväskylä, Finland

Valmet Technologies started modernisation of an old machine tool. They asked OC System to ensure that it complied with current machine safety regulations. We manufactured and installed new soundproof walls and a new soundproof, air-conditioned room for tool setting. In addition, we built wire mesh enclosures for a separate auxiliary tool and installed sheet metal plating to the factory tower. The plating was coated in our customer’s company colours.

Asko Home Appliances, Lahti, Finland

ASKO’s Lahti factory employs 140 people and manufactures UPO, ASKO and Cylinda electric cookers and mangles. They ship between 60,000 to 70,000 cookers and 12,000 mangles a year. They started modernisation work on two industrial robots and their enclosures. We designed a sheet metal enclosure in close cooperation with ASKO. We drew 3D designs and sent them for customers’ approval and comments before moving on to production. We designed the enclosure structure, colouring and dimensions according to their wishes. The results included a combination of sheet metal panels, wire mesh panels and windows.

Lemminkäinen, Tampere, Finland

Lemminkäinen Oy demolished its concrete control room at their Tampere construction product factory in fall 2011. OC-System designed, manufactured and installed a machine room (6 x 11 m) and a control room (8 x 3 m) for Lemminkäinen. Making openings to the control room was easy, as the finishing touches were made on site.

Outokumpu Tornio Works

Outokumpu Tornio Works, located in Tornio, Finland, modernised its splitting line at the beginning of 2010. As a part of the modernisation project it replaced splitting line wiring. Since Outokumpu didn’t want to make compromises on safety issues, OC-System built control rooms that improved work safety and the working environment. Completely soundproofed control rooms were out of question, because operators need to be attuned to any changes in the cutting sound during product cutting, and adjust cutting to ensure the best cutting quality. In addition, the company needed a clean environment for IT equipment used by its new automation equipment. In addition to control rooms, we delivered safety fencing to the company.

Sandvik Construction, Pa Breaking Lahti, Finland

Sandvik Construction, Pa Breaking Lahti designs, manufactures and markets hydraulic hammers for excavators and other equipment for the construction industry. Sandvik Lahti’s site purchased a new robotic deburring cell delivered by Fastems. It came with OC-System’s partitioning solution. Sandvik also asked us for a soundproofed room for product testing. Thanks to our modular panel system, the testing room installation was a quick operation and all the necessary openings were made to measure on-site.

Stora Enso Fluting Factory, Heinola, Finland

Stora Enso Heinola Fluting factory manufactures high-grade fluting or corrugated cardboard. Its constantly evolving field of business also requires changes in production. The fluting section and pulp mill wanted to move on to teamwork-based production. This called for combining the two control rooms located in the factory. OC-System delivered a new control room to the company that took sound insulation, work safety and comfort to a new level. They use the new control room now also as a protected space in case of gas hazard and other hazards. The project was carried out in cooperation with the Mikkeli polytechnic R&D project in industrial design.

Metsäliitto Osuuskunta / Finnforest, Suolahti, Finland

Finnforest’s Suolahti plywood mill modified its premises in a project that took several years. The aim was to create a more functional and, most of all, safer working environment. OC-System designed and delivered a zone-based fencing and different gate solutions to ensure the safe passage of people and products. Almost everything was tailored to suit the premises.

Lakan Betoni, Joensuu, Finland

Lakan Betoni Oy develops and manufactures high-quality, aggregate-based construction products and materials. Their latest investment in its production line in Joensuu speeds up the production and further improves quality. OC-System erected more than 200 metres of safety fencing around the new production line and installed electric access gates. A soundproofed production control room, soundproofed enclosure for concrete product machinery and isolated enclosure for electric equipment were also included in the delivery. They made up a modular unit coated with colours the customer chose. The unit is positioned five metres above the floor close to the production line.

Retail, service sector and offices

Leppävirta Cooperative Bank, Finland

In a bank setting, it is essential to keep customer and phone negotiations private so that no-one else can hear what is said. OC-System delivered the bank a soundproofed meeting room assembled from OC-Lite partition panels with LED lighting and air-conditioning.

Karikon Autotalo, Mikkeli, Finland

Karikon Autotalo redecorated its store in the autumn of 2013. Autotalo is a Nissan and Opel retailer, and both manufacturers had ideas about the renovation. Stylish and functional partitions that separate the different business functions of Karikon Autotalo were built using OC-Lite partition panels. When it’s time to redecorate again, they have the option to bring in more partitions and remove or reposition the existing ones – and even apply new paint, if their colour scheme changes.


The Finnis Border Guard, e.g. Imatra

Five Finnish border guard stations are using OC-System’s solution for border check purposes. OC-System delivered the Finnish Border Guard 33 rooms for border checks and 14 rooms for other functions. They are located in Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra, Niirala and Rajajooseppi. The first border check facility was ready for use in December 2013, and all new premises have been in use since June 2014.

Halls and warehouses

HT Laser, Haapamäki, Finland

HT Laser began using robots in early 2000s and they now have several robot solutions for welding and cutting. The most innovative of them all is a three-robot welding system where the three robots are controlled by one robot controller. It was commissioned in the summer of 2012. A machine guard made from OC-Lite partition panels insulates the noise from welding and ensures adequate work safety. The closed enclosure built around the welding system is close to 4 metres high, 7 metres long and 4.5 metres wide. Employees can monitor welding through windows, and materials are transported into the room using automatic doors and turntables.