Control rooms, laboratories, and offices

OC modular units are an affordable and fast way to build cosy rooms for work and work breaks. They can be easily adjusted to your changing needs.

Our customers value our in-house planning, design, and custom colours that meet their wishes plus our easy installation and fast delivery. We can even ship complete units within one business day.

We build OC modular units for indoor and outdoor use. All our solutions are compliant with EU regulations and meet fire safety and work safety requirements.

Prefabricated modular units can be equipped with all your fitting requirements, from furniture to bathroom. Your modular unit will be delivered by a lorry and hoisted in place.

The layered sandwich structure of OC modular unit walls ensures effective soundproofing. The perforated aluminium ceiling panels provide pleasing acoustics inside.

The floor is supported by a steel frame and soundproofed as well. Flooring options include vinyl, tile, and parquet. A variety of wall surface finishings is also available, including paint (one or two colours, brand colours), wood pattern, stone pattern, etc.

Wide range of options, for example:

  • Thyristor-controlled air conditioner with filter. All air vents are equipped with sound traps.
  • Remote-controlled cold air unit or heat pump
  • Sound-insulated doors and windows
  • Electric cables, wall sockets, ceiling lights and spotlights, phone and network sockets
  • Kitchen furniture and appliances, e.g. microwave oven, refrigerator, hot & cold water taps
  • Toilet fittings, plumbing installed

We are happy to accommodate any special requests you might have. OC modular units are prefabricated and delivered as fully assembled units. They require only simple on-site pipe, duct and power connections.

Delivery as a fully assembled unit or as components

We carefully plan the delivery of your modular unit in advance. Installation site dimensions, route to the installation site, doorways and other on-site factors determine the method of delivery. A fully assembled unit is the fastest to install on site. We have installed a 25.4 m-long, 5.5 m-wide and 4.0 m-high control room in just two hours!

If the fully assembled modular unit is too large to move into place in one piece, we can assemble the unit at the installation site. In that case, we transport the modular unit to your site as separate components. The made-to-measure, already-painted wall, floor and ceiling panels are quick to assemble.

Advantages to customers:

  • Easy solution
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Functional
  • Reusable

We deliver:

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Industrial control rooms
  • Lunch rooms
  • Smoking rooms
  • Toilets and shower blocks
  • Laboratories