Soundproofing and noise control

Noiseless work environment contributes to safety and comfort at work

Noise is harmful to employees’ health and well-being. Exposure to noise increases insomnia, headaches, irritation and stress. Noise pollution decreases work efficiency and makes employees more accident prone. The EU Noise Directive sets requirements for reducing noise in the workplace.

If the sound insulation is good enough, your employees don’t need any hearing protection at all. This greatly improves job satisfaction. We tackle noise pollution problems with two top-quality products: Meltor and OC-10 acoustic wall systems.

Acoustic enclousures and soundproofed rooms

We provide you with custom-made acoustic enclosures for machinery and fully furnished, soundproofed rooms for staff, such as workspaces, offices, meeting rooms and lunch rooms. OC-10 acoustic panels guarantee extremely effective soundproofing due to their layered sandwich structure.

To ensure agreeable acoustics inside, we use perforated aluminium ceiling panels which have achieved the best (Class A) sound absorption result in acoustic tests. The floor is usually supported by a steel frame and soundproofed. Flooring options include vinyl, tile and parquet flooring.

Acoustic enclousured for machinery

We manufacture acoustic enclosures for machinery to reduce noise in the work environment. Acoustic enclosure panels come with steel frames. The wall surface material is selected according to the installation site. Acoustic enclosures are suitable, e.g. for automatic planers, welding robots, blowers, cutters, saws and compressors. We can optimise OC-10 panel thickness and structure according to the noise level. The panels are quick to install and easy to handle.

Screens and acoustic wall systems

OC panels are well suited to a variety of partitioning solutions, acoustic screening and sight guards to block the view. Acoustic walls and machine guards have steel frames; their surface material is selected according to the installation site. Installation is fast and easy: no need to apply protective covering prior to installation. Modular and reusable walls are easy to dismantle and reposition, if necessary.

All our products are compliant with EU regulations and meet the fire safety and work safety requirements.

Advantages to customers:

  • Easy and quick solution
  • Meets requirements and complies with regulations
  • Wide range of colours
  • Easy to dismantle and reuse